Key Features

NOTE: Not all features are available at launch and are subject to change in accordance with the roadmap where the final decision shall be made at the sole discretion of the Farluna team.

  • Play for Change – Farluna will be collaborating with social enterprises to help farmers in the real world be self-sufficient.

  • Fixed Entry Fee (Farluna VISA Admin Fee) – Encourages everyone to join the game easily and with less worry as the entry point will be the same for all. Players who know and join the game late would not be heavily disadvantaged as the barrier of entry remain stable (unlike some blockchain games where it becomes exponentially costly to late joiners)

  • Town Assignment – Farlunians get an individual farm in a random town of a specific land zone based on the Farluna Visa tier. Farlunians will complete individual daily and weekly quests issued by the Town Hall. Cooperate with townmates to complete the King’s Decree. Exclusive In-Game Store and NFT Marketplace.

  • New Farming Mode – A new approach to the farming game genre. Tier of land, tools, and seed packs will affect harvest yield. For each new crop introduced, there would be limited seed sales in the in-game store and event shop. Subsequently, those crop types can only be obtained from players through seed conversion of harvested crops (of a particular crop type).

  • Seasons – One Season is one real-world calendar month. One game year is then four calendar months. Out-of-season crops cannot be planted (some exceptions will apply).

  • Day/Night Cycle – Farlunians can do their activities as long as it is daytime, in-game. Crop growth and maturity are "Day" based. Daytime is from 00:01 UTC to 20:00 UTC. Server maintenance and other special events are night activities; Nighttime is from 20:01 to 24:00 UTC.

  • Quest System – Daily and Weekly Quests for Solo play. King’s Decree for Town Coop Quests.

  • Tier Based Rewards – Complete Quests and earn Farluna Shards. Level up to the next tier using Farluna Shards. Higher tier means better rewards.

  • Dual Token Approach – Farluna Token (FLNA) is the Blockchain Token. This is the token created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network that players have full ownership of and may be traded on decentralized exchanges. Farluna Coin (FLC) is the In-game Token that can be used within the game or converted to Farluna Token. There is a multitude of ways to earn Farluna Coins.

  • Personal Inflation – Converting Farluna Coin to Token often, will increase a Farlunian’s inflation counter. Hit a specific inflation point and the inflation rate will increase.

  • Farluna Bank – The pillar of Farluna. The Bank will protect Farluna’s economy by incentivizing Farlunians. Banks offer several options to earn more coins that Farlunians can convert to tokens.

  • NFT Avatars An avatar when activated can provide in-game boosts for a game year. Use extra avatars in mining or staffing factories and shops.

  • NFT Fashion – Farlunians can customize their avatars. Fashion NFTs will have set boost effects when equipped with an active Avatar.

  • NFT Marketplace – Buy and sell NFT’s with other players. There are two Marketplaces in-game, Town Marketplace is exclusive to town members. Global Marketplace will be available for all Farlunians.

  • Achievement System – Earn rewards when you hit milestones. Show it off or view them in your trophy room.

  • Weather System – Dynamic Weather that can bring benefits or inconvenience to Farlunians and adds an additional layer of game dynamics.

  • Guild System – Create or join a Commerce Guild and compete for business rights. Avatar is required to participate in Guild business activity.

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