A town is a bustling center of several individual farms. A town can have up to one hundred farmers.

A Town will have several areas/buildings, which serve different purposes.

  • Town Hall – This is where Farlunians accept Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, or King’s Decree. Workers can be hired in the Town Hall as well. Upgrade Town Halls to unlock town-specific boosts.

  • Town Bank – This is where Farlunians can convert their Tokens to Coins and Coins to Token. When a Farlunian converts FLNA to FLC, they gain Slips. When a Farlunian converts FLC to FLNA, they will gain inflation points. Get a certain inflation point and the inflation rate will go up. The base exchange and tax rate are tier-based. Farlunians can fund the Farluna Government using Farluna Bank Bonds. Acquire Bonds by surrendering FLC and Slips to the bank. Bank Bond owners will get season rewards and random airdrops.

  • Town Bulletin Board – This is where Farlunians view in-game news and town-wide announcements.

  • Town General Store (In-Game) – This is where Farlunians buy in-game items from the Coin Shop or from Farluna Shard Shop. Stocks will be limited and can be out of circulation after the initial sale.

  • Town Marketplace (P2P) – This is where Farlunians can sell their NFTs to other players in the same Town. Town Marketplace listing is free but there will be a Sales Fee for successful transactions.

  • Town Research Center – This is where Farlunians can convert their harvested crops into seed packs (either in-game only or NFT seed packs). Harvesting a crop a certain number of times will allow Farlunians to gain crop mastery. Use Mastery Points in the Town Research Center to boost specific crop benefits.

  • Town Blacksmith – This is where Farlunians can repair their tool’s durability. This is where Farlunians can upgrade their tools to a higher tier as well.

  • Wandering Merchant – This shop will randomly pop up in different towns during the game’s night cycle.

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