Work Zones

The work zone is made up of plots that are categorized as

  • Free Plots – A 5 x 2 plots that Farlunians can use for free.

  • Locked Plots – Another 5x1 plots unlockable using Land Extension Permits

Land Extension Permits – Buy this NFT from the Town Hall to unlock another working row on your farm.

Rental Fee – Ownership of Land in Farluna is not possible until someone reaches the highest tier VISA Seal. Bronze VISA seal holders don't need to pay for rental fee. Silver VISA Seal holders onwards would need to pay a rental fee per season.

Land Ownership – Holding a Platinum Farluna Visa Seal is a requirement to own a piece of land in Farluna. Once a Farlunian bought land, they do not need to pay seasonal fees but instead will pay an annual real estate tax.

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