Commerce Guilds

Cooperation within a Farluna Town is random by default as Farlunians would not be able to choose the Town they will start in. Guilds however are different, members can be from different towns.

Guilds will bid for Business Operation Permits and use them to earn huge profits. Guilds will acquire Guild Glory Points that will help them increase their tier. Higher tier means more members slots and access to better Business Operation Permits.

Guild Elders get to choose from a set of governance rules on behalf of their Guild be it Profit Sharing, Fund Collection, Role Promotion, and Business Operation Permit bidding among others.

Guild Treasury is where all the contributed funds go. Funds are used in bidding for Business Operations Permit and paying the Farluna Government taxes.

Business Operation Permits

The Farluna Kingdom issued items that will be used to operate big business ventures that cannot be effectively carried out by individuals or small groups of people/

  • Mines

  • Factories

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